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| 2013 | February

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After I sent out the prayer request asking you all desperately to pray for sleep for Charlotte and rest for our weary souls, somehow I ended up napping on the bathroom floor outside the shower wrapped in just a towel. I have no picture of that, thankfully. Charlotte sat on a blanket near me playing with her stacking cups. Having no toys of her own and few chances to ever.... READ MORE

I just recovered from forgiving my husband for posting the last blog without my editing approval of the picture selections and captions, and three hours later seeing the wrong McDonald’s pic with me looking horrible on Facebook. After receiving my wrath, he quickly switched the picture but the old one still shows up as the thumbnail. He’s promised to never post again until I’ve previewed it. 🙂 So, since everyone.... READ MORE

Today Charlotte Mae is legally no longer an orphan!! We went back to the Civil Affairs office to complete the standard paperwork. We met with the notary who asked us some questions to complete the adoption. It was hard to understand his broken English, but three times he questioned us about why we wanted to adopt when we have six “of our own” children. It was a little nerve-wracking as.... READ MORE

This day has been so much better than we dreamed possible- one of the seven happiest days of our lives. While the “labor” has been the longest of all the children, the delivery happened so quickly we hardly knew what hit us. After a short drive to the Civil Affairs Office from our hotel, we entered the building full of butterflies and anticipation.     Before we had time to.... READ MORE

The taxi ride to the train station was a riot. Unloading our massive amount of stuff and family members from the cab at the station was like clowns coming out of a circus car. We were all able to fit into one small cab, though China style:       Our agency was correct when they said the best way to ride as a passenger is to hold your breath.... READ MORE

If there were any way I could buy a recording of our night in the hotel room last night, I would be willing to pay a large sum of money. We would have seriously been the grand prize winners on American’s Funniest Home Videos with Gaige’s reaction to the fire alarm. While Gaige and the baby were passed out, Joey and I visited the concierge lounge again for the complementary.... READ MORE

If you read my post from 3AM, you will remember we had big plans for this day. Well, we certainly bit off more than we could chew!! We didn’t even do half of it. I’m not sure what the scale of the map is that we looked at when we thought we could do it all in a day, but the reality of all that walking, not all that much.... READ MORE

I have that Matchbox Twenty song in my head and can’t go back to sleep, so thought I’d jot down a few things that have been on my mind. We’re all awake, in part thanks to Griffin, but in part because our body clocks are just all out of whack. We have no trouble falling asleep, but after what feels like a good sleep, we wake up and look at.... READ MORE

Hong Kong Disney was much less thrilling and on a much smaller scale than Disneyworld or Disneyland in the USA. We actually found most of our amusement in people watching while we were there. However, we also seem to be fun to watch for people here, so it’s mutual. Griffin is quite a spectacle! I’m not sure if it was more his cuteness or the fact that people were appalled.... READ MORE

  Those of you who know how much I love to eat will appreciate this. Joey and I always say he “eats to live” and I “live to eat” and it’s so true. It’s funny that I married someone who could care less about food, but I guess that’s a good thing because if he were like me in this regard, I would have been the obese one on the.... READ MORE