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HK Disney


Hong Kong Disney was much less thrilling and on a much smaller scale than Disneyworld or Disneyland in the USA. We actually found most of our amusement in people watching while we were there. However, we also seem to be fun to watch for people here, so it’s mutual. Griffin is quite a spectacle! I’m not sure if it was more his cuteness or the fact that people were appalled that he’s not bundled up. Here are our observations: people here dress much more warmly for the climate than necessary.


The Small World ride is a bigger deal here than Disneyworld – but dwarfed compared to Disneyland in CA.

To us, this is HOT for winter. We are on the same latitude here as in Miami. It was mid-seventies and sunny by afternoon- we even have sunburns! I didn’t think to pack sunscreen in February! Gaige was in shorts, we were in pants and short sleeves, and the baby likewise. Almost every other person was wearing either a winter coat, jacket or sweatshirt- and we were hot in what we had on! We were warned about being looked down upon if we didn’t bundle up the baby, but we took our chances, and the warnings were accurate.

We couldn’t believe how uncrowded Disneyland was. There were more adults there than children, and we only saw ONE other baby. I am guessing that maybe people with babies keep them home. After this trip so far, I can see why! We saw some of the craziest outfits today. The ‘What Not To Wear’ duo would have a hey-day here! While I was waiting for Joey and Gaige to go on Space Mountain, I saw a lady walk by eating a corncob on a stick for a snack. I tried to snap a picture, but the delay on the camera didn’t make it in time.


Buzz Lightyear dancing girls?


Dancing Tigger-people!

We’ve had fun noticing some of the language translations that just aren’t quite right, too. Like “mind the gap” sign on the subway (watch your step) and the recorded “please alight the tram” as you exit, and the “lifts” instead of elevators. It’s the little things.

I am so glad we brought Gaige on this trip. He is so funny and fun to be with and has made the stressful situations humorous. His adjustment to the time change has been the most difficult.


Toy Story Land- a Hong Kong exclusive!

Joey and I are used to not sleeping- in fact, I don’t feel much different than I do when exhausted at home. While we were watching the 3:30 parade at Disney and it was 1:30 AM at home, he started looking glazed over and said he was worn out- by this evening, he was passed out by 6 before Griffin was, and when Joey woke him to to get some food at the lounge, he came up to meet me half delirious and then came back to pass out again. I wish I could do that!

In some ways I am glad the Lord prepared my body to handle this lack of sleep because I imagine the next few weeks and months I am going to need that ability to push through those hard days on little sleep and still be able to function.


Another struggle I’ve had is with adjusting to the new smells of a foreign land. It was noticeable as soon as we got off the plane and something about the majority of the food here and the smell associated with it make my stomach churn. Maybe I will lose those last 5 pounds while we’re here..I’ll just load up for the day on the breakfast! It gives me a good idea of what it’s going to be like for Charlotte coming home. All here senses are going to be on overload trying to process so many new sights, tastes, sounds, smells in addition to the other obvious challenges of leaving her only home to join our family. Poor sweet Charlotte!

I spent time today daydreaming about Charlotte as we took in the sights of Disney and noticing each little Chinese girl go by, wondering how she will look at each age, how pretty she’ll be (she already is!) even more when her hair grows out some. We can’t wait to meet her!


Fairies on ladybugs!

I’m also trying not to stress about adding Charlotte to the mix with an already difficult and needy baby this trip. Griffin didn’t sleep the entire day and he’s been up since 4AM (and it’s now after 6:00PM), and right now he’s crying and still fighting sleep. He didn’t want to miss anything at Disney!


why is Minnie holding a tray of assorted Chinese delicasies?

As soon as he goes to sleep we’re going to the concierge lounge and take turns taking advantage of the free appetizers and drinks. I’ll leave it at that for now!



The mini-castle (Sleeping Beauty)

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