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| It’s 3AM…

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It’s 3AM…

I have that Matchbox Twenty song in my head and can’t go back to sleep, so thought I’d jot down a few things that have been on my mind. We’re all awake, in part thanks to Griffin, but in part because our body clocks are just all out of whack. We have no trouble falling asleep, but after what feels like a good sleep, we wake up and look at the clock to see only an hour or two have gone by. Repeat. This is reminding me of the plane trip- just when you think the night has to be about over, you realize there are still several more hours to go. After two or three times of this, and then listening to Griffin, who is also awake and making bird and raspberry noises and clawing at the netting on his pack-and-play, we decide to just stay up. I can’t wait for breakfast.


The sleep terrorist!

The sleep terrorist!

Today our plan is to take the MTR subway into Hong Kong (we just looked at a map tonight and realized we haven’t even been to the Hong Kong mainland yet- we’ve not left the island of Lantau where Disney and the airport are located). No wonder I have been impressed with the lack of traffic in the city- we haven’t even seen the city yet! There is so much to see and do in Hong Kong and with only one full day left here, we have to pick and choose. Our first order of the day is to take the tram up to Victoria Peak- the highest point in Hong Kong- it is supposed to have amazing views and be a #1 tourist-y thing to do. I hate heights, so we’ll see how that goes. Then, we’ll get back on the public transport and go to an amusement park here that is supposed to be really neat- Ocean Park. We thought about just exploring the city on foot and going to the Stanley Market- a big open-air shopping center that used to be an old fishing town, but then thought about the logistics of all that with a baby. Trying to find toilets (they aren’t called bathrooms or restrooms, but just get straight to the point, here!) and places to change the baby would be a hassle, so we’re choosing the controlled environment of the park instead. Starting off at 3AM today…maybe it’ll be 2 tomorrow. Isn’t this supposed to get an hour or two BETTER each day? It’s almost 2PM at home now. This is so weird. Just some random early morning thoughts to start the day. It feels like we’ve already been here for weeks with all this awake time!

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