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Awesome Parenting

If there were any way I could buy a recording of our night in the hotel room last night, I would be willing to pay a large sum of money. We would have seriously been the grand prize winners on American’s Funniest Home Videos with Gaige’s reaction to the fire alarm. While Gaige and the baby were passed out, Joey and I visited the concierge lounge again for the complementary perks. I came back to try to wake Gaige for him to have a turn up there, but when I was unsuccessful, I went back instead. We came back and went to bed by 7:45 PM. Earlier than our kids go to bed at home.


Again, after what felt like it should have been morning, I awoke and looked at the clock- 22:00. After calculating what time that was both here and at home mentally, I got up to take another half of a sleeping pill (those of you who know me well know that I have had insomnia for months due to a thyroid condition) and tried to go back to bed. Griffin wakes up at the slightest stirring (but apparently not for a blaring loud smoke alarm!) so, now he’s up too. I fed him, put him back to bed, then listened to Joey snore and Gaige talk in his sleep. Gaige has always been a sleep talker, but thankfully we aren’t always in the same room so I don’t have to hear it. He was mumbling some gibberish that apparently woke up Joey as well, because I saw a pillow fly across the room at him.


I decided ear plugs were my best bet, so I got up and put those in and went to sleep until…00:38. Ugh. Got up and took another ½ a sleeping pill (the dosage is up to two pills, so by now I had maximized the dosage for the night). Again, the baby wakes up and now he’s in bed with us (a double sized bed, so tight squeeze) and again, I’m feeding him, but now he’s awake and wanting to play. Oh. my. Gosh.


I doze off and on until at 2AM I hear some commotion and take out one ear plug to hear Joey yelling at Gaige- and what was most alarming was hearing “a**hole! TURN OFF THE MUSIC!” Gaige was now up for the day (2AM, I remind you) and had turned up his music full blast thinking he had his ear plugs in, but they were instead lying next to him on the bed (he’s still half-delirious). Now, friends, this is some great parenting to take note of! I am so thankful for the Lord’s grace to see fit to ask us to be parents despite our terrible fouling up at times. Lack of sleep really does present an opportunity for testing of patience like nothing else- and clearly, we’re failing the test last night.


So, we hand Gaige the wide-awake baby and I put in my other ear plug and try to get some more sleep. When we were finally all up at 5 we had to laugh at the awful events of the night, and especially Gaige’s reaction to the alarm, which he can now coherently talk about. Me, not so much. I’m not going to be taking extra half-doses of those sleeping pills throughout the night anymore. I feel done for the day and it hasn’t even started! Can’t wait to get into China and get our sweet Charlotte Mae. What adventures she has in store for her with our crazy family!

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