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March 7, and first part of March 8th (prior to bedtime)2013 Our flight home was certainly less eventful than our flight over-and it was four hours shorter, making it 14 for the long stretch, which really makes a difference. We didn’t have to sit on the tarmac for two hours prior to takeoff (in fact, we were running to board our connecting flight at the “last call”, but we made.... READ MORE

March 5, 2013 So I asked Joey to please set his watch alarm last night to wake me up at 6:45 this morning because we have to meet in the lobby at 9AM for our visa appointment at the U.S. Consulate. He more than gently nudged me out of bed this morning, insisting I had slept past the time I was supposed to be up, that it was now 7AM.... READ MORE

March 3, 2013 Today was the most uneventful day we’ve had yet, and after yesterday, we were very relieved! Our adoption group went together with our guides to a shopping area this morning. We were disappointed to see it was the same general area that Ann had taken us to yesterday, so it was not that exciting. It’s called the “walking street”- the longest shopping street in Guangzhou. We didn’t.... READ MORE

March 2, 2013 Today was the dreaded day on our itinerary. It was the Chinese medical appointment for all adoptive families here. We probably should have taken advantage of this strategically located vending machine on our way into the doctor’s office: we certainly could have used it! 8 new families joined us today as they have just returned from picking up their children in other provinces. We have stayed in.... READ MORE

The day started off with a bang…literally. We awoke to a loud thump…Charlotte hitting the floor. We had left the side of the crib down so she didn’t get scared by the bars and so far, she hadn’t tried to sit up from a lying down position by herself, or stand from a sitting position- we can basically put her down somewhere and she doesn’t move from it (like Griffin)..... READ MORE