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| God is In the Details

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God is In the Details

I love how the Lord works. He knows me better than I know myself, and He knows that sometimes I need things spelled our for me very clearly to really hear His voice. I love when he gives me clear reminders that He is in the details of life, and he makes that obvious. Once we had begun our paperwork to bring Carrigan home, we knew we needed to find a home study agency so we could begin the lengthy process and not have him waiting any longer than necessary. There were several agencies in New York City to choose from, none of which seemed like a great option because none of them shared our religious convictions. So, we just began to pray, as we had been doing, about which agency to choose. I asked The Lord to show me clearly so I didn’t doubt and waver. I e-mailed a few places with some questions, and when a Mrs. Jiang wrote me back, despite this being one of the pricier options, I knew it was the one we had to go with. Jiang is our little boy’s Chinese last name! Now you might not think that is a big deal or it may be as common as “Jones” is here, but it was still confirmation to me. I love little affirmations like that- both that he is our son, and this was the agency.

As we began to receive the vast amount of paperwork to complete and I was reminded that adopting a child is a full-time job, I began to stress out a bit. As I also was appointed as the “yearbook designer” for our homeschool co-op this year (a job I was not excited about, to say the least), I was wondering how I could possibly do all this at once over this year. Technology is not my thing, and the yearbook, on top of nightly paperwork, grant applications and a to-do list a mile long, was hanging over my head. Again, not just a coincidence when I got a phone call from one of the co-op leaders: “Guess what The Lord has done?!” she said excitedly. “Another mom called me and volunteered to take over the yearbook for you and switch so that you can be the curriculum fair coordinator (much more up my alley)” WOOHOO! Another confirmation that The Lord has this in His hands, and He is making a way for this for us. Just when I start to feel overwhelmed at all I have to do, he takes something off my plate so I don’t have to do it all. Thank you, Lord!

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