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We have hardly had a chance to breathe since my last post a couple of days ago just trying to keep up with our new wild child. We have had spotty, intermittent internet coverage here, and no access a lot of the time to be able to Skype with the kids at home, or even check Facebook or Gmail. Now that we are over jet lag, we aren’t getting up.... READ MORE

Things are going better with Carrigan in some ways, and worse in others. We arrived at our hotel in Guangzhou, another huge transition for him to make in a short time, and bedtime is getting worse each night. The more comfortable he gets with us, the more free he feels to let loose pent up anger and frustration and also to resist us as authority. We are at the Garden.... READ MORE

  There are very few happy family pictures in today’s post because there were so few points in the day where someone wasn’t crying and throwing a fit. We checked out of our hotel in Shanghai at noon -silly us thinking we were going to sight-see a bit more in the morning before leaving. It took us forever to pack up. During this time Garrick unrolled two rolls of toilet.... READ MORE

Yesterday was full of adventures on our last day in Shanghai. Our day began at the Yu Gardens and Bazaar- a beautiful, authentically old Chinese garden. A formerly private garden from up to 600 years ago. Today we had two guides- apparently we are too much to handle for one! This new guide spent much more time relaying the history of the sites and explaining in detail about all the.... READ MORE

Last night’s sleep did not go well. It started out normally, with Carrigan demanding dozens of toys to take to bed and then falling asleep on top a sea of them, but by 10:30 he was up, and crying. We removed the toys from under him, took him potty and tried to put him back in the crib…he was not having it. He reached out for me to hold him.... READ MORE

Yesterday was SO much better than Day 1, so thank you to those of you who prayed. Carrigan seems to have mellowed out some from his crazed state yesterday. He is comfortable as long as he has something in his hands (usually something in each hand- Charlotte was the same way in this respect) he can carry along with him. He is still a handful, but more of his personality.... READ MORE

Holy. Cow. So many mixed emotions today. We’ve gone from feeling totally in love to completely overwhelmed with “what have we done?!” emotions minute by minute. It’s a good thing truth isn’t based on how we feel at the moment. We know we have done the right thing- this is our son- and we’re committed to loving him through the good and bad and difficult and sad and plain crazy.... READ MORE

We left Beijing without a hitch and after a nearly 6 hour ride on the bullet train, we made it to Shanghai. The bullet train wasn’t quite the experience we thought it might be, so we’ll be glad to fly to our next destination. It felt like an airplane as far as the seats and setup (but more to look at out the window, a definite advantage), with the exception.... READ MORE

Today’s agenda was Tienanmen Square and the Forbidden City. You would think Beijing, because it is the capital city, would be an International, multicultural place, but we stick out like a sore thumb here. Everything is very Chinese and very few people speak any English, so we were very thankful to have a guide lead us around in this huge, confusing place. There are a lot of tourists, but it.... READ MORE

It was such an amazing experience to see the Great Wall in person. Our guide here has been fantastic and walked it with us, telling us stories and history behind it along the way. We found out about this guide through another family with our same agency. He is a Christian and it’s been interesting and fascinating to hear his conversion story and details of life here from an insider..... READ MORE