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July 17th, 2017 Just when I thought it couldn’t get much worse in this fiasco, we found out that our “door-to-door”, “we’re committed to delivering your household goods on the 14th” move was actually completely stalled out…and our stuff was still in NY on the date of supposed delivery. We’re beyond frustrated as we found this out on the day of delivery, and just before the weekend, of course when.... READ MORE

The ability to be able to laugh in the face of extremely stressful circumstances is absolutely critical in chaotic situations, such as a cross-country move, with a large family. We’ve been living “on the edge” for a week now, bouncing from one hotel to the next, living in an extremely crowded, 15-passenger van packed to the brim with kids and stuff (pulling along an equally full UHaul of ~10,000 lbs.... READ MORE

It was pretty ironic that after visiting some of the saddest places on earth (our children’s finding spots and orphanages) that we would end our trip at the happiest place on earth- Disneyland. Chad is definitely not from “Fun Country”, but it was great to hear him scream like a little girl, enjoying the biggest attractions the park had to offer. It’s safe to say that since getting home life.... READ MORE