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Right now I feel like I am in the middle of reading a really sad novel and all I want to do is turn to the last page to see how it ends. I want to see what I hope is the redemption and the happy ending, but in order to get there I have to first trudge through the murky waters and swamps of sadness. I wish I could.... READ MORE

  Today was one of the most emotionally taxing days of my life. I am holding on to the words of a fellow adoptive friend who encouraged and reminded me tonight that today is not the big picture. I am going to start out with the lighthearted because I do that better, and I am still trying to process it all. Having a Gotcha Day that starts at 3PM makes.... READ MORE

We’ve arrived in Kunming, but it feels more like we’ve stepped into an episode of the Twilight Zone. This place is more “China” to me than anywhere we’ve ever been yet (comparatively on a scale with Beijing). If it weren’t for the two other adoptive families here with us, we would be the only white, English speaking people here (so yes, we actually do draw quite a bit of attention.... READ MORE

We had a great time touring parts of Hong Kong yesterday that we had never seen before. In typical jet-lag fashion, we were up before dawn each morning and ready to go even before the breakfast opened at 6:30. We mis-read the bus schedule (a regular thing that happens often on these trips!) and missed the free shuttle from the hotel that would have taken us to the subway station, so.... READ MORE

The Lord has so intricately woven the details of Chaela’s life story together with ours and we stand in awe of how He’s gone before us in this adoption. To give you some background, we did not initially set out to adopt Chaela when we got home with Carrigan. We knew we wanted to go back to adopt again after what we saw at Carrigan’s orphanage, but our hearts were.... READ MORE

Today was the most enjoyable amusement park experience I’ve had in years. A perk for having just two kids, Joey and I each had charge of one, we went on all the rides together and I never had to stop to change a diaper or wait at the exit with an infant or toddler while everyone else enjoyed the ride- it didn’t feel like work today, and it was actually.... READ MORE

Here we go again! Heading to our new “home away from home”! I forgot how crazy-long a 16 hour flight feels-especially when you spend the first two hours sitting on the plane (yes, again!) that hasn’t gone anywhere, bringing the grand total to 18. I’ve watched 3 movies and still there are 10 hours left (update- I have now set a personal record for most movies watched in a row-5-.... READ MORE

This is an article Carrie wrote for “No Hands But Ours”, found here:  No Hands But Ours article. … With both of our adoptions, we knew that parenting these children would look a bit different than parenting our biological children. Despite all the trainings and reading prior to the adoption, we ended up desperately re-reading “The Connected Child” on the flight home, trying to piece together some of the strange.... READ MORE

  It’s hard to believe it’s already and only been six weeks since Carrigan has been home. In some ways it seems like he’s always been a part of our family and I am amazed at the progress he’s made and how far we’ve come from those first difficult two weeks home with him. He has not had a night terror since we last asked for prayer for him, and.... READ MORE

    Since Carrigan officially became a United States citizen on April 24th (my birthday, no less!), we thought it only fitting for him to visit the most important American icon soon after his citizenship since we live so close. It helped that our homeschool co-op group organized and paid for this trip to motivate us to make the trek with all our kids. I’m pretty sure any outing at.... READ MORE